community orchards

posted May 13, 2013

community_orchardsThe National Center for Appropriate Technology announces a new ATTRA publication, “Community Orchards.”

Abstract:  This publication introduces community orchards and discusses the history of the community orchard movement and the motivations behind producing fruit in a community orchard. It offers a step-by-step guide to starting a community orchard and advice on choosing fruit trees and plants most likely to provide successful harvests, including apples, pears, grapes, brambles, and other, unusual fruits. A profile of a community orchard program and a list of further resources are also included.

Free pdf download at  then “fruits” and “Community Orchards”

ATTRA is back!

posted February 29, 2012

Not that it ever really left, but you might remember a post about ATTRA’s  funding being cut last year. Well, we’re happy to report that funding is back!  ATTRA is the go-to resource for farm apprenticeships and so much more and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the news.  This is a good reminder to check out the ATTRA site and familiarize yourself with all that they offer. There’s an entire section devoted to Beginning Farmers.

 ATTRA Project Resumes Full Level of Services For Sustainable Agriculture Producers

(BUTTE, MT)—When Mariah and Ira White began the Summer Kitchen Family Farm outside of Fayetteville, Arkansas, a couple of years ago, they knew they had a lot to learn. The young couple had kept chickens and sold eggs and produce while living in Fayetteville, but a full-fledged sustainable crop and livestock operation was something else again.

“We sort of outgrew our garden,” Mariah said with a laugh.

For help, Mariah and Ira turned to the National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service project, also called the ATTRA project. (more…)