OurLand.tv Web Series

We created the OurLand.tv series of films to celebrate and interpret intervention, undertaken by individuals and communities, to shift our food and farm economy. These episodes each address a major systemic failure of the old food economy: toxicity, monoculture, monopoly, inequity, exploitation, drought, vulnerability to climate change etc. Each of these characteristics of our current system makes it inadequate to our needs, but our critique counts for nothing if we do not act. Each film introduces us to the people who have identified a point of intervention, and have put their shoulder to the task. It will likely take a generation-long commitment to rebuild a healthy, regional farm economy.

This is OUR LAND, and our future. It’s an opportunity: Let’s fight for it.

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Latest episode from OurLand.tv

EPISODE 7: Faith Lands

In this episode we explore the works and service of farm-based Catholic worker communities in the upper Midwest. Dorothy Day, founder of the Catholic workers, was highly devout and profoundly independent: she emphasized direct action for peace and justice, and direct service for the poor. This radical ministry has always lain outside the institution of the church, and the formal wealth of the Catholic orthodoxy. But this is changing, inspired by the energetic commitment of Catholic workers.


Directed and produced by Severine von Tscharner FlemingThe Greenhorns
Cinematography by Jordan Kinleyintothewoods.tv
Additional cinematography by Ben Stechshulte
Edited by Tyler Christietylerchristie.com
Graphics by Amy FranceschiniFuture Farmers
Production support from Sarah Tautin
Web Development by Luka Miro


The OUR LAND series is a partnership with Agrarian Trust. Agrarian Trust’s mission is to support land access for the next generation of farmers.