Our Mission

Our mission is to promote, support, and recruit young farmers in America.

We are a community powered studio dedicated to grassroots media, cultural programming and land repair for the benefit of the human and non-human worlds.

We work to create a welcoming and hospitable culture for new entrants in sustainable agriculture. We have made films, radio, guidebooks, parties+trainings, almanacs, anthologies, song collections, exhibits, mixers, art-stunts and trans-media collaboratives that defy classification.

Our various programs and projects address the practical and social concerns of those in their first years farming, we emphasize restorative land-practices, skill-building, networking and dialog.

Our grassroots project is succeeding. Our feature film, The Greenhorns, has been screened more than 3000 times in schools, churches, main street cinemas, farm living rooms and conferences across US as well as abroad. Request a screening here. Our radio show has been on the air weekly for 8 years, with an average 5,000 weekly downloads; our 10 year old blog is a beloved resource for news, course + educational offerings, gossip, historical farm ephemera and other farmer oriented events. We’ve published many guidebooks, an anthology of young Farmer essays and 3 volumes of the New Farmer’s’ Almanac. We’ve organized hundreds of events in all kinds of venues from orchards, abandoned pharmacies, museums, farm stands and church basements, to grange halls and maritime museums. Here are some pictures of our mixers. We continue to bundle and broadcast media for and about the young farmers movement– and to distribute to to national audience of about 80,000 using social media, an e- mailing list, and by distributing our materials to farm conferences.

Now entering our 10th year, our grassroots collaborative is entering a new phase. We have recently relocated our headquarters to an old Odd Fellows Hall in Pembroke Maine, having spent much of the last decade in rented spaces up and down the Hudson and Champlain Valleys of New York. We’re happy finally to have a dignified and ample space to hold our homework, evolve our organizational methods, to expand into new areas and to house our 8,000 volume agricultural library, large collection of props and art-making materials, our catering equipment, and our media lab. From our new (large, beautiful and historic location) we can continue to coordinate our various events and tours around the country, edit and produce our new media projects, engage in research, networking and advocacy– we can also shift our focus somewhat to start offering educational summer programming for younger adults.

This coming year’s projects deserve your support, and in fact we cannot continue to build on this great momentum without continuing support from private donors, foundations and sponsors– as well as the writings, interviews, insights and recommendations of our young farmer constituency. Please do not hesitate to be in touch with comments, suggestions and ideas.

Donations to our organization are tax-deductible and will be put towards sustaining our network, our existing programs, and the new projects we are working on.