Greenhorns Summer Workshops at Smithereen Farm

Our 2022 Summer Workshop schedule is now available! Stay closely tuned for specific times and details, and please reach out to office(at) with any questions.

Greenhorns is a small, grassroots organization. We try to make our registration fees as accessible as possible, and offer many free events. The event you are attending does not cover its own costs. If you can, please consider making a tax deductible donation to Greenhorns to support the real costs of this and future programming and keep our registration fees low. Thank you! 


Myco Buoy Workshop with Sue Van Hook; April 10 - 16

Plastic pollution is a concern of paramount importance for all fisheries and human health. There is an emergent solution to plastic foam flotation devices.

Join former Ecovative mycologist, Sue Van Hook for two hands-on workshops to grow mushroom buoys for oyster and kelp aquaculture.

The workshops will be held at Smithereen Farm in Pembroke, Maine on Sunday April 10th and Saturday April 16th between 10:30 am and 4 pm.

Join us for a day of learning and experimentation! The first Sunday will include a welcome to the farm, lunch and a presentation by Sue Van Hook and an afternoon of equipment set up, mixing inputs and filling pontoon frames. On Saturday the following weekend, the fully grown products will be revealed and we will hold a discussion on alternatives to plastic in aquaculture with stakeholders from around the state of Maine.


Portland Public Library Literary Lunch; April 20 - 20

New Farmers’ Almanac Vol VI, in discussion with Gretchen Legler, author of Woodsqueer. FREE virtual event.

Smithereen Farm and Campus OPEN HOUSE; April 22 - 22

Come see the farm, get a tour, eat yummy food, meet the team (and the oxen!). Reversing Hall will also be open on this day. All are welcome. FREE EVENT


Alewife Smoking Event with Downeast Salmon Federation; May 20 - 21

Join us on the banks of the Pennamaquan for a day of catching, dipping, smoking, and eating alewifes using Downeast Salmon Federation's mobile smoker! A day of family fun and learning with our conservation partners. FREE and open to the public.

Shofar Farm's pizza wagon will be onsite, and on Saturday we will have live music from LAMPS featuring Duane Ingalls, Kurt Andresen, Artful Lindemanis, Marc Perez, and Tone Moser!

Contact [email protected] with any questions.

Brian Dewan, Singer and Player of Accordion and Electro-Harp; May 27 - 27

Reversing Hall will host legendary performer Brian Dewan for a collection of songs chosen for the occasion. He may even play a few from the album he produced with Greenhorns "Songs of the Patrons of Husbandry” from the 1880’s Grange songbook. FREE EVENT

Downeast Flavor Kaleidoscope - Sensing + Eating Place; May 27 - 27

Through tasting, movement, listening and seeing, connect with this local environment on Cobscook Bay. Join chef and dance artist Hilary Kennedy and Severine for a day of experiential, open movement scores/games along with tasting hyper local flavors. Workshop will be entirely outdoors. All are welcome.
Hilary Kennedy is a chef and dancer living in Marin County, CA, ancestral home of the Coast Miwok. Her work with food is centered around celebrations and nourishing people in transition, especially new mothers. She has danced in studios and forests for 15+ years, with the likes of inspirations such as Anna Halprin, Sara Shelton Mann, Lisa Nelson, and Margit Galanter.

RSVP office(at)


Wild Herbs of the Northeast, Confronting History and Future of Herbalism; June 11 - 11

Dr. Susan Leopold, ethnobotanist, and Mischa Shuler, herbalist, visit the farm to deliver a workshop wild herbs including a section about the herbal mystic/“Clairvoyant physician” of Pembroke, Thomas Pomeroy

CCC Design Charette; June 12 - 12

What would a climate resilience workforce do in our town? Join for a facilitated conversation and community brainstorming with landscape architects and restoration specialists as we think together about how the newly funded Climate Conservation Corps might be an asset in our area. What would we do first? Who are the stakeholders? What kinds of shared land-use goals might bring more people into the work of preparing our region for the climate change that is headed our way. This session will inform a 2 week ‘restoration camp’ later in the summer. FREE EVENT. RSVP at office(at) for more info!

Low Low Tides Work Week; June 18 - 19

Downeast Maine is famous for our 22 foot tides, and the cold Labrador current creating extraordinary algal abundance.

Kacie Loparto will guide amateur harvesters to learn about wild seaweeds in Maine! You can read our archived blog post on Kacie's past work here.

We will cover ecology and biology of seaweed ecosystem, hand-harvest techniques, regulations, drying, processing and culmination of the wild algae species that abound in our area.

Film Screening: Yurt Legend Bill Coperthwaite Anthropological Film; June 25 - 25

Join us for a screening of Anna Grimshaw's films about Bill. Reversing Hall, 4 Leighton Point Rd, Pembroke. 6pm.

Free event! For more info reach out to office(at)


Kroka Kayak Expeditions; July 10 - 23

Explore the marine ecosystems of Downeast Maine - by kayak! Sign up with

Liberty Hall, National Heritage Area, Regalia on Display; July 30 - 30

Learn about Liberty hall and the history of Downeast's many civic and fraternal halls, Odd Fellows regalia on display and an introduction to the proposed National Heritage Area for downeast Maine with Crystal Hitchings of Downeast Acadia Regional Tourism.


Wild Blueberry Weekend; August 6 - 7

A weekend of family fun picking and eating blueberries -- pie-making galore!

Wild Foraging and Cooking with Rachel Alexandrou; August 12 - 13

Join forager and feast-maker Rachel Alexandrou in a weekend workshop on harvesting, processing and cooking some of our favorite August forage-ables.

Beach Trash Puppets; August 13 - 14

Turtle Dance Coop of Lubec will guide attendees in the creation of their own "vital assemblages" - made out of beach trash! Donation supports Pembroke Clean Water campaign.


Apple Camp; September 1 - October 31

Pick apples with us, press for cider and wine! Dates to be announced.

Intro to Biodynamics; September 9 - 10

Barbara Shinn will share her knowledge of biodynamic agricultural practices and explore how farmers can attain the highest level of regenerative practices. RSVP to office(at) please.

Portland Kayak Trip; September 15 - 18

Portland Paddle visits for a long weekend of kayaking in beautiful Downeast Maine. You can book with them directly, so glad to provide facilities for this independent outfitter!

Meet the Fungi Trifecta with Sue Van Hook; September 17 - 18

Join mycologist Sue Van Hook for three episodes over the weekend. Come for one, two or all three to experience the magic happening at Smithereen Farm .......

Saturday, September 17, 2022 - Wild Mushroom Identification Workshop
Saturday September 17th at 10 am for a morning in the woods to meet the fungi. Learn a basic framework to identify them and then practice your skills. We'll talk about edible, medicinal and species for new materials. After lunch we'll spend the afternoon sorting and keying specimens we've gathered or that you bring with you from home.

Saturday evening, September 17, 2022 - Mushrooms Whispering
We'll gather around a campfire to go on several shamanic journeys with the drum to meet the fungi below ground and hear what they have to say about repairing, remediating and revitalizing our landscapes/seascapes. Sharing these experiences with one another ushers in new ways of knowing within the collective.

Sunday, September 18th, 2022 - Backyard Mushroom Cultivation
The next day, Sunday September 18th we'll spend the day inoculating various substrates with Shiitake, Oyster, Maitake and Wine Cap species to start cultivating fungi in your backyard.

Indie Singer: Diane Cluck, Commonwealth; September 18 - 18

Another wonderful musician plays Reversing Hall. 4 Leighton Point Rd in Pembroke. $10 suggested donation.


‘Habitat Everywhere’ -- Meadows, seeps and shrubs with Paula Kovecese; October 1 - 1

Working to improve habitat for the native insects, birds and toads of our region, details to come.

Much More is Happening!

For a full list of summer events at Smithereen Farm, plus partner and virtual events all year, see our Events Calendar.