Greenhorns Summer Workshops at Smithereen Farm

The 2023 season is just around the corner! Our schedule will be populating on this page as we finalize this year's selection of events, classes, and workshops.

Greenhorns is a small, grassroots organization. We try to make our registration fees as accessible as possible, and offer many free events. The event you are attending does not cover its own costs. If you can, please consider making a tax deductible donation to Greenhorns to support the real costs of this and future programming and keep our registration fees low. Thank you! 


Low Low Tides and Seaweed Symposium; April 20 - 22

Harvest overview and guidance by longtime time harvester Kacie Loparto. Join in the water for harvest and drying of wild kelp. RSVP required! 

Kanae Tokunaga, a Japanese researcher of artisanal kelp traditions and economies will present about the high value products and supply chains in different regions of Japan. Drawing lessons from her research in Japanese seaweed harvesting, market, and processing, and in Maine’s seafood supply chain, she will cover several topics, including: How different species of seaweeds are harvested, processed, and marketed in Japan, Advantages of co-management and co-marketing in coastal fisheries and aquaculture, Roles of coastal fisheries and aquaculture in coastal ecosystem service values.

A presentation of the new Maine Seaweed Council ‘seaweed wild harvest guidelines’ by longtime industry leader Shep Erhart. 


2nd Annual Pennamaquan Alewife Festival; May 19 - 20


Meet up // 12 Little Falls Road, Pembroke ME. 9am-3pm, Friday and Saturday.

Fishing, smoking of alewives with Downeast Salmon Federation

With kid’s fish - painting activity, bike rentals and repairs, biologist talks Kristin Underwood and Mike Manning, presentation about MycoBuoys project with Sue Van Hook. Don Blair runs workshop on making and deploying open source water sensors in the Pennamaquan River.

FREE lunch buffet from Smithereen Farm and did we mention free smoked alewifes hot from the DSF smoker!

Live music from the Lamp Lighters band on May 20th.

4-fish masterclass and Washington County culinary networking with Chef Bobby of Salt and Steel restaurant, Bar Harbor - made possible by Maine Coast Fishermen's Association. 

Tabling and presentations on resilience and transition. Kids' ‘bike safety rodeo’ hosted by Maine Bicycle Coalition, loaner bikes and helmets will be available; bike rentals and repairs with Mike’s Bikes, bring your bike! And bike like a fish up the Pennamaquan, to visit the spawning grounds and connect with the Downeast Sunrise Trail. 



Low Low Tides; June 5 - 7

Seaweed harvesting with Kacie Loparto, naturalist walk with Jordan Chalfert of Naturalist’s Notebook and the Maine Natural History Observatory, seaweed cuisine prepared by chef Evan Mallett of Black Trumpet.

There will be a two hour intertidal excursion, exploring the diversity of seaweed in this region. Over 300 species of macroalgae can be found on the coast of Maine. Participants will learn the names and identifying characters of common ones, and there will be a discussion of intertidal ecology: how these species interact and create marine communities. Bring a hand lens if you have one!

Jordan Chalfant is a field naturalist and board member at Maine Natural History Observatory. She and MNHO director, Glen Mittelhauser, and Dr. Amanda Savoie of the Canadian Museum of Nature are working on a field guide to the seaweeds of Maine. Jordan’s day job is managing The Naturalist’s Notebook, a nature and science exploratorium and bookstore in Seal Harbor on Mount Desert Island.

Medicinal Plants and the Commons; June 17 - 18

Join us for a round table with Susan Leopold and board members of United Plant Savers, as well as a foraging walk with Rachel Alexandrou.

Much More is Happening!

For a full list of summer events at Smithereen Farm, plus partner and virtual events all year, see our Events Calendar.