Downeast Maine Summer Camp

Once again Greenhorns presents a full summer schedule of educational and intersectional workshop and summer camp programing.  Inspired by the present, historic and potential natural resource economies of Downeast Maine and rural New England we bring you teachers on topics that rhyme with the territory.  We invite you to plan a trip Downeast, visit the wonderful state parks and rivers, see the whales and the eagles, the historic civic architecture, the old canneries, the wide abundant inter-tidal and incredible avian and aquatic abundance. You’ll be glad to know there is no traffic beyond Ellsworth.

Greenhorns welcome short term work- traders to help out in the summer months. You can email us with a resume/ letter of interest. We offer room and board for 4 hours focused work per day on various farm tasks, chores,  library tasks, restoration of our buildings, clearing of trails, painting, weeding, harvesting/ processing herbs+ seaweed etc. 

Greenhorns Summer Schedule, in brief:

JUNE: Oyster Camp: Adam Campbell, Abby Barrows, Robby Cushman and several thousand one-year-old bivalves present a day of coastal ecology, marine husbandry, and oceanic plastic reduction.

JUNE: Rice Camp: Rice for Downeast Maine! We’ll get an update on Ben Rooney’s ongoing rice cultivation project – and learn about siting rice cultivation in the lowlands of Smithereen farm, and about the native wild rice traditions in the US.

JUNE: Library Action Work Party Weekend: Join us for a SOLSTICE weekend of library learning, early lettuces and a bonfire.

JULY: Third Annual Seaweed Symposium: It’s all about seaweed!  Once again we’ll explore governance, ecology and dynamism of inter-tidal algae.

JULY: Sardine Camp and alewife fishway restoration project: climb aboard for a tour of the cannieries that once supported towns along the coast, make and taste fish sauce, and learn about what we can do to revive our anadromous fish populations.

JULY: Herbal Goddesses: Medicine for Land and Body: Join us for a day of coastal exploration and medicine making, and learn about the role medicinal plants play in the landscape and in the body.

AUGUST: Baking With Fruit: Dolina Cafe’s Annamaria, a maven of French pastry who tips her hat to Viennese traditions and even further east to her native…. Will lead us on a practical tour of berry processing. 

AUGUST: Reclaiming the Blueberry Barrens: Welcome to the blueberry lands conservation conversation. We will learn about pesticides, pollinators, associated native plant communities, fire management, and other woodside products that can extend and diversify the harvest in these crucial habitats. 

AUGUST: Vinegar Camp: A day of rural alchemy: (What’s left of) last season’s cider will become the backbone of flavor, and a useful tool for the budding orchardist.

SEPTEMBER: Agroforestry in a Forestry Context: A day of learning about useful trees, unusual tree crops and management of healthy forests for multiple outcomes. Silvopasture, experimental fruit, and climate resilience!

SEPTEMBER: Edmunds Research Station Boat Trip: A small-boat passage through the tidal waters in and around Cobscook Bay.

SEPTEMBER: Myco Camp:  Join us as we explore the many dimensional potential for more Mushrooms in Maine. Topics include hunting, cultivating, and remediation with mushrooms.

Pencil us in!

RSVPs required for all workshops, family-friendly camping is available at Smithereen Farm all summer long. Contact for more info.

Full workshop schedule and co-sponsorship info coming soon!