rootstock radio interview with severine von tscharner fleming

posted September 2, 2015


Listen to radio interview here:

Rootstock CROPP Cooperative: “We recently had the great pleasure of speaking with farmer, activist and professional organizer Severine von Tscharner Fleming. This woman is a force of nature for the Millennial generation. Not only is Severine a farmer herself, when Rootstock Radio host Theresa Marquez spoke to her in mid-2015, she was also on the boards of directors for FOUR organizations that she either founded or co-founded, all working toward shared missions to recruit, promote and support the next generation of young farmers.

These organizations are the Greenhorns, which is best known for its film of the same name; Farm Hack, an online, open-source platform for affordable farm tools and technologies for young farmers; the National Young Farmers Coalition, which now has 23 state and regional coalitions; and her latest startup, Agrarian Trust, which focuses on land access for beginning farmers.

Beyond these, nearly every news or magazine article about Severine mentions a different organization that she started up. We can’t wait to see what she does for our food and farming system in the next few decades.

Please enjoy this great conversation with Severine.”

great listen: farming without labels

posted July 9, 2015

To listen to the radio piece, click HERE!

Who is a good farmer? This question of goodness has been important to the popularization of the sustainable food movement. However, consumer evaluations of so-called goodness has become increasingly reliant on labels––“Organic,” “Locally-grown,” “Certified Humane,” “GMO-Free,” the list goes on. But when these labels can be co-opted by large-scale producers, do they retain any meaning? Is the certified organic beef from the supermarket a better choice than the not-certified beef sold by a local farmer at the farmers’ markets? Intuition seems to tell us no but Shizue RocheAdachi (SHE-zoo-eh r-OH-ch a-da-chee), a student at Yale University, decided to put a story to the question and headed out to Morris, Connecticut to talk to a farmer who’s forgoing the labels.

Click here to find out more about Truelove Farms

two hour special on young farmers

posted November 21, 2014

from KWMR in partnership with the Post Carbon Institute.
KWMR 2-Hour Special: Leaders of the Young Agrarian Movement Facing the Future
Monday, Nov. 10th – 12pm to 2pm (Pacific Time)

A collaboration between the Farm and Foodshed Report (Robin Carpenter- Host) and Post Carbon Radio (Bing Gong & Karen Nyhus – Co-hosts) featuring:
Severine von Tscharner Fleming – Director of Greenhorns: Young Farmers’ Movement and Agrarian Trust
Evan Wiig – Founder and Director of the Farmers’ Guild
Arron Wilder – Farmer, Table Top Farm, soil scientist, organizer of upcoming January 11th – Young Farmers’ Forum on Succession and Success Stories: The Future of Ranching and Farming in Marin
Molly Myerson – young Bolinas farmer, Little Wing Farm
Mickey Murch – young Bolinas farmer, Gospel Flat Farm & artist


greenhorns featured on michael olson’s radio show, mentioned on wisconsin public radio!

posted November 20, 2014

Lauren Markham, author of  The New Farmers, an article in Orion Magazine, recently spoke on Wisconsin Public Radio about the young farmer movement. Have a listen, she gives the Greenhorns a big ole’ shout-out and boost!

Greenhorns were also recently featured with Lauren Markham on Michael Olsen’s food chain radio show to discuss the future of farming. Click HERE to listen to the show (warning: Greenhorns were often cut off for commercial breaks, resulting in many incomplete thoughts.)



watch the farm aid concert live from home!

posted September 12, 2014


Watch the Concert Live!

If you’re not joining us in Raleigh this year, you can still help celebrate from home. Watch live in HD on AXS TV starting at 7pm Eastern/4pm Pacific. Or you can watch our HD webcast, Farm Aid 2014 Presented by Amy’s Kitchen starting at 5pm Eastern on

Willie Nelson’s SiriusXM channel, Willie’s Roadhouse (59), will begin its coverage at noon Eastern.

rural romance

posted August 4, 2014

food chain radio explores this common issue.  Rural-Romance-Red-Barn-1024x1024

Food Chain Radio Show #977: RURAL ROMANCE!
Guest: Kristina Johnson, Author, The Love Lives of Farmers

She moved out into the country to become a farmer, but had to name her farm “BYOB,” for “Bring your own Boyfriend.”  “The pickings out here are slim,” she said.

Tiring of the loneliness of city life, many now look out to Farmland, America, where one might earn a real living growing real food, and live among cowboys and girls that are monogamous, and vegetable growers that are warmhearted and attentive.

But when they do move out into farm country, they find the average farmer to be of retirement age, and long-since spoken for, and so they name their farms “BYOB” or “BYOG.” (more…)

podcast: marada cook of northern girl, maine food entrepreneur

posted June 13, 2014

Click HERE to stream the podcast or download HERE from itunes.

Marada Cook is one of Maine’s most remarkable entrepreneurs. She’s part owner and manager of three Maine food companies, Northern Girl, Fiddler’s Green Farm, and Crown of Maine Organic, that repurpose, distribute, and sell Maine produce across the northeast and have become core to the regional food system. Join me for a conversation with Marada where she describes – in her understated way – the development of these three companies to where they are today. Recorded onsite at the Slow Money Maine conference. To listen to this episode on the Grow Maine Show, click HERE—->

Marada Cook of Northern Girl

vt law school’s food radio

posted June 5, 2014

vtlawschoolFood Radio is a monthly program with content around all aspects of the food system. Created collectively by the Center for Agriculture and Food Systems and student group the Food and Agricultural Law Society. Firmly rooted in South Royalton VT, we address topics of national import and have a global reach. Our partner Royalton Community Radio broadcasts the show once per month Tuesday at 11am at

Listen to previous episodes here!

Some of our recurring segments

  • Point-Counterpoint where two sides of an issue are debated, e.g., GMO Labeling
  • Farm Bill Watch with background info and updates about the Federal Farm Bill
  • Interviews: Dean of Vermont Law School Marc Mihaly, Vermont Secretary of Agriculture Chuck Ross, Farmer and former state representative David Ainsworth, owners of local gourmet burger shop the Worthy Burger.

Tune in and engage with us! Shoot us an email


nice podcast for farmers!

posted May 8, 2014

Announcing The Kitchen Sisters spanking new podcast ~Fugitive Waves~

figitive waves

Fugitive Waves: Lost recordings, shards of sounds. Tales of remarkable people from around the world.  Stories from the flip side of history.

All three episodes are on iTunes with many more to come!

Episode 3:  Eel Pie Island

Episode 2: Tennessee Williams and The Pennyland Recordings

Episode 1: The Rise and Fall and Rise and Fall and Rise of Thomas Elva Edison

Fugitive Waves is part of Radiotopia, a collective of some of the 
best story-driven podcasts —99% Invisible, The Truth, Love & Radio,
Theory of Everything, Strangers, Radio Diaries and us, The Kitchen Sisters.

nice new website for heritage radio!

posted November 11, 2013

Check it out. And then listen to a recent Greenhorn Radio episode about GEESE Raisers in Vermont!  HERE


Wesley Bascom grew up on a working dairy farm in the verdant valleys of the Connecticut River. He studied Ecological Design and Environmental Science at the University of Vermont – graduating in 2010. After pursuing interests in sustainable food and resilient landscape development in West Virginia and abroad, he returned to Vermont to continue these explorations and deepen his connection to the local community. To earn his daily bread, Wesley builds all kinds of wooden structures (farm to finish carpentry). David Huck grew up in the teeming suburbs of the San Francisco Bay Area. Upon decamping to Vermont, by way of Oberlin College, David followed his love of mountains and rivers to a hillside farm in Cabot where he manages a farm to table catering business. His fascination with complex systems and years of experience living in the rural landscape of Vermont and Ohio nurtured an interest in Lean, grass-based protein production. This program has been sponsored by Consider Bardwell.