• DJ Trouble ( WFMU) Dance Party at Reversing Hall

    June 25 2021

    We are tickled pinker than pink by the prospect of a electronic set by DJ trouble of WFMU.
    Time to test out the acoustics in Reversing Hall, our new speaker system for an early season dance party. We will serve blueberry power smoothies so that we can stay up late dancing and still get up early to go harvest seaweed! We also have a concept for applying linseed oil and tung oil to the beautiful wooden walls of the hall while we are dancing.  

  • Low, Low Tide Adventures

    June 26 2021 - June 27 2021  

    Seaweed, clams, and all the rest! Harvesting, drying, recipes, ecology, and natural history adventures in the low low tides. Downeast Maine is famous for our 22 foot tides. And the cold Labrador current creates extraordinary algal abundance. Join Kacie Lopato (She Sells Seaweed), her harvest friend Paba, Severine, and Lydia (Seaweed Commons) for a Full moon time spring tide ! These are the low low lows that let us access the subtidal algae.

    We will cover the ecology and biology of the seaweed ecosystem, hand-harvest techniques, regulations, drying, processing and culmination of the wild algae species that abound in our area. Perhaps Jon Levitt will come dig clams with us.

    To learn more and register, click here.

  • Yurt Sauna Building Workshop

    July 11 2021 - July 17 2021  
    Smithereen Farm, 767 Leighton Point Rd, Pembroke, ME 04666, USA

    Carpenter and Yurt builder Mike Iacona lives in Vermont, and was a friend of Bill Coperthwaite who taught him about yurt building. Mike takes a thoughtful approach to ecological living and materials choice, tuning the design and appropriate systems to the task at hand. Mike ran the highly beloved Greenhorns YurtCamp in 2019. This year he returns to work with us to build a Yurt Sauna.

    The 11’ diameter sauna yurt will be made from locally milled wood, following the vernacular Taper-Wall yurt style. We will have a strong focus on the use of hand tools (saws, block planes, axes, drawknives, etc) as well as some limited power tool use where needed.

    No prior experience is necessary - simply bring your willingness to learn. We offer this workshop on a sliding scale with a donation of $100 - $350 to our facilitating non profit, Greenhorns. This helps us cover food, teacher travel/ honorarium and material costs. Participants provide their own housing with tents, you can camp at the farm. Each participant will take home a wooden bench.