• Whole Hog Butchery with Rob Cushman

    October 2 2021

    Join us for a pasture/paddock-based humane slaughter day demonstrating dispatch, scalding, evisceration, and chilling. Day two will involve utilitarian butchery with large roasts and plenty of meat and fat grinding. Rob Cushman started Blue Hill Itinerant Slaughter in 2014 to provide on-farm slaughter for homesteaders and small farmers on the Blue Hill Peninsula. Seasonal bottle necks, stressful travel, and lack of transparency have made Rob’s work crucial for small-holders looking to safely and humanely slaughter their animals. Rob has the gear and skill necessary for a respectful kill. He provides contacts and rents out equipment for further DIY butchery but does not offer that as a part of his service. He is currently looking for innovative ways to make animal processing a more collaborative enterprise in his community. The pandemic has revealed how siloed and fragile out current system is.

    Suggested donation according to financial ability.

  • SCREENING: Natasha Mayers: an Un-Still Life

    October 9 2021  2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

    Please join us at Reversing Hall for a screening of Natasha Mayers: an Un-Still Life to be followed by an activist art making bonanza! Read more about the movie here.