Artist-in-Residency Program

Announcement of Residency for:

Visual Artists
Agricultural/ Natural historians
Social+ Community practices artists
Agrarian Activists

We have created a new residency program in Downeasternmost Maine, in the little historic town of Pembroke and are pleased to open up for proposals for the 2020 Summer season. 

Greenhorns, an organization focused on the incoming generation of agro-ecological  farmers, is pleased to announce this Agrarian Residency program. Founded in 2008, and based here in Maine since fall of 2017 we have been hosting workshops, trainings, and running our small publishing organization from this rapturously beautiful rural headquarters and are pleased to have expanded our campus to be able to host more visitors. 

We run a small, highly diverse salt-water farm ( a large research library housed in a 1896 Odd Fellows hall (@reversinghall). 

We invite applicants to look at the photos of the site, if you feel that this would be a place you’d like to come and work, to be in touch with a letter of interest and a resume or C.V. your previous work. Our aim is to cultivate long lasting, reciprocal and intersectional relationships with those we work with, those we host, and those whose work and intentions are aligned with ours.  

Our mission is to create a hospitable, resilient culture with those pursuing agriculture and land-based livelihoods; we want it to be fun, intersectional, irreverent and powerfully effective. 

Description of site and opportunities:

  1. Pennamaquan site. Two 1800’s historic houses looking out onto the river, one with kitchen and shower the other only bedrooms, Heated wood shop, Mushroom lab, Large Barn, 1 mile of river frontage, trails network, massive spring run of Alewives
  2. Reversing Hall – 1896 Odd Fellows hall, contains Research LIbrary, performance and studio space, art materials, projector and upstairs theater, large indoor working spaces
  3. Smithereen Farm home site. Organic farm and gardens, U Pick strawberries, blueberries, cane fruit etc. Coastal meadows and seashore access. 150 acres forest and trails, back cove, timber frame outdoor kitchen,  herb and seaweed drying facilities, smokehouse, composting toilet, hot shower, tipis, campsites, parking etc.
  4. Large woodlands and trails networks, places to collect materials for art+ studio practices
  5. Kayaks and small boats for aquatic experiments, sound and other digital media tools, bikes, etc.
  6. We have 2 Aquaculture lease sites where we are doing  ‘ alternatives to plastic’ materials research projects   Would love to work with more artists/ designers on this project to discover and perfect use of biomaterials for flotation. 
  7. Many boulders and elfin forests on the U Pick blueberry land, perfect for building fantasy art cabins. 
  8. There are 3 large community halls in our town, and the oldest continuously operated county fairgrounds in the state of Maine. We have incredible infrastructure here for social gatherings, exhibits and large format happenings. Lets enliven these spaces!

We invite those interested in a residency to write to us, and arrange for a visit to the site and an exchange about what kind of project you’d like to undertake. We have good camping facilities and luxurious tipis as well. As we are at the very beginning of this residency process, we’re quite flexible. We offer housing, studio space, kitchen, facilities and vegetables from the garden. In the first years of the residency there will be a work-trade aspect for residents to help us get studio spaces painted and fixed up. There is much opportunity downEast. 

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