morgan o’kane: hudson river sailing tour

posted May 2, 2016

Morgan will be sailing up the Hudson on this tour. More details will be posted on the website as available. One of the shows is on a raft/stage in the Hudson river in Kingston, NY!


May 3rd @St Mazie, Brooklyn NY with Phillip Roebuck 9:30 pm – 345 Grand Street
May 5th @ Bowery Ballroom with The Bogmen 8:00 pm – 6 Delancey St. NYC
May 14th @ The North Brooklyn Boat club (under the Polanski bridge) first show of the Hudson River sailboat tour!
May 17th @ St. Mazie, Brooklyn, NY with Joseph Huber 9:30
May 24th @ Quinn’s, ¬†Beacon, NY
May 27th @ Halfmoon,  Hudson, NY
May 28th ON the river in Kingston, NY