history lesson: the M.S.T. (landless peasants movement)

posted December 23, 2013

who will soon be celebrating their big anniversary.

Brazil’s Landless Worker’s Movement was born from the concrete, isolated struggles for land that rural workers were developing in southern Brazil at the end of the 1970’s. Brazil was going through a politically opening process towards the end of the military regime. Brazilian capitalism was not able to alleviate the existing contradictions that blocked progress in the countryside. (more…)

the baffler

posted December 23, 2013

worthwhile winter reading!  Subscribe here.  baflr23_000covr_front_300

The Baffler, est. 1988, is a printed and digital magazine of art and criticism appearing three times annually—spring, summer, and fall. We’re headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts; edited by John Summers,Thomas Frank, and Chris Lehmann; designed by Patrick Flynn; distributed byMIT Press; and delivered to subscribers and bookstores in all fifty U.S. states.

The Baffler is now printing on its most regular and prolific schedule since it first stirred to life. Each new issue features our signature salvos in cheerfully independent cultural criticism, plus poems, stories, and illustrations agile and vivid enough to call adverse attention to the illusions propping up the leadership class. Last summer we even copublished a book, James Agee’s Cotton Tenants, a once-forgotten manuscript about long-forgotten farmers living through the country’s last Great Depression. (more…)

green bridge growers

posted December 23, 2013

A unique and inspiring model.  Here’s the scoop from one of the founders.

An exciting project is under way in Indiana, which I am proud to be a part of. Green Bridge Growers is an urban farming business in South Bend that my mom, Jan Pilarski, and I have founded together. Our business is in the area of aquaponics, which uses fish and plants together in the same system. Green Bridge has a social mission, which is to employ people on the autism spectrum (like myself). 90 percent of adults on the autism spectrum are unemployed, a problem that we seek to address. Also, 90 percent of the food we eat here in Indiana is shipped in from out of state. So we decided to start Green Bridge Growers to tackle both of these 90-percent problems. (more…)

siblings are forever

posted December 23, 2013

A beautiful film: http://soskentilevigtid.no/home/

“Siblings are Forever” is a warm and poetic documentary about a brother-and-sister couple, Magnar and Oddny. Both are about 70 years old. They live on the family farm at Kleiva in Naustdal, a few miles from Førde in Sogn & Fjordane county. The siblings run the farm in about the same manner as it was run by several generations before them. They are content, above all else, to continue this tradition for as long as their health permits them to do so.

From all appearances, it seems that time has stood still for them, without their noticing that time, nevertheless, is running out. Most of the film’s subject matter is about life in the natural surroundings, in the barn and inside the home.  (more…)

grazeful living map

posted December 20, 2013


  * CSA directory
  * Market vendor directory
  * Market product availability
  * Farm Facebook integration
Available now is Facebook integration with many of the markets when you click a map marker, a local events listing based (mostly) around an interest in farmers’ markets and suggested sites.  The events and sites are generated automatically, and while I would say they are mostly ok, they should improve as more content is added.
Please take a look and share. I am trying to gather more info on the needs of farmers with respect to an app like this so feel free to pass along my contact info.  Also, there is a signup link on the Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/grazeful.living, for the beta release which will have a more complete implementation of these features.


small scale dairy supplies

posted December 19, 2013

At Bob-White Systems in South Royalton, VT, we aim to provide small farmers with access to affordable and appropriately scaled equipment  (something that is hard to find outside the industrial large dairy model) in addition to other services, such as start-up consultations and milk testing. We would love to see more young farmers out there starting small dairies. Having a new crop of dairy farmers to fill the ranks is crucial, not only to keeping the tradition of the small dairy farm alive, but to evolving the current model to fit our changing food system.
You can visit our website at www.bobwhitesystems.com to find out more about our micro-dairy products and services! Thank you!