Young Farmers in the Capital Press

posted September 1, 2010

Now in their second year of operation, couple makes plans to expand acreage

Shooting Star CSA


FAIRFIELD, Calif. — Lily Schneider and Matthew McCue believe in farming.

They believe it brings people together, and they believe that although it’s tough, it’s a viable business for any young upstart.

“There’s the myth, lots of people say you can’t make a living farming,” Schneider said. “Everyone has just (bought) into this idea. But thankfully we’ve had mentors who have helped us along the way and we’ve been able to have a business model that allows us to support ourselves.”

Schneider and McCue, both in their mid-20s, run Shooting Star CSA, a community-supported agriculture operation in the Suisun Valley near the San Francisco Bay Area. Their 10-acre, leased farm is certified organic.

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