volunteer at shoving leopard farm – NY

posted May 18, 2010

they’re seeking a few good women/men, who’d like to ‘get their dirt on’.

The Core Volunteer Group

This is open to CSA and non-CSA members alike. As a Core Volunteer Group member, you will come once a week for an hour or two throughout the season to help out with transplanting, weeding, mulching, and harvesting. This is a way to participate in the Shoving Leopard community.

Casual volunteer times

We always appreciate help in the garden with tasks ranging from greenhouse work to weeding to harvesting and washing veggies (starting in June). Open times for helping with these activities are:

Tuesday 8 AM-Noon
8 AM-Noon

For more information about “Shoving Leopard Farm”, go to: http://www.superiorconcept.org/shovingleopard/

To sign up as a volunteer, contact Mona Coade-Wingate: j.coadewingate@gmail.com