Food Security in the Hudson Valley

posted April 8, 2009

Lets get together!
434 Columbia Street in Hudson, NY

This will be a gathering of farmers, gardeners, educators, and community members from around the Hudson Valley. At this meeting we hope to bring together two discussions that have already begun:

1)The meeting of Hudson Gardeners, Farmers, Educators, and Community members, which took place on Saturday February 28th at TSL. We exchanged some great ideas that we can begin to put into action!

2)A series of grassroots meetings about Food Security and Social Justice among Farmers and Friends from throughout the Northeast. We are working to form a coalition from these meetings and we would like to start a chapter of that coalition here in the Hudson Valley.

Lets get to know each other better and hear more about each others’ lives and projects. Like Maija said, lets “dig up our own backyards.” We can map out our needs and resources locally and take some first steps.

We will share report-backs on how things are going with Food Security work in the northeast and recap what happened in the earlier meeting at TSL.

Most of all we want to open the floor to hear ideas from everyone. What could working together for food security in the Hudson Valley look like? What kinds of projects could we collaborate on?

We hope you can make it!

-Ashley Loehr, Henry Harris, Maija Reed