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posted March 28, 2009

These are fun folks. and dabbling over there in that radical land is a healthy salty img_3433dose. – Severine

Culture Change Reports March 10 – Mar. 21: did you miss any? Read any you missed and pass along one you like!

6 Firms Stop Sales of Hard-Plastic Baby Bottles
By Jane Kay

Radiation Dangers Allowed to Proliferate for the Consumer
By Roger Herried

Downplaying Plastic Trash in the Ocean (Conservancy)
By Jan Lundberg

Small Farm Renaissance
By Chuck Burr

Grassroots Action Annual Gathering / Eugene’s Environmental L.A.W. Conference
By Jan Lundberg

Thoreau, Economy Inspire Students to Learn Lessons of Less
By Tara Malone

Maersk Tankers Looking at Sea Transport of CO2 as “Solution” for Global
By Alice Friedemann

“Cars were a bubble” – General Motors
By Jan Lundberg

Shake up and Direct the Collapse: the Macroeconomic and the Body
By Jan Lundberg

Lifestyle Changes / Materialising Spirit in 2009
By David West

Population Growth Must Be Addressed With Insight
By Michael Poremba and Jan Lundberg

Extinction of Human Languages Accelerating
By Kari Lydersen

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