Calling out for Music!

posted March 17, 2009

Dear musicians near and far. urban and rural. mudpies

we have begun the song search.

lyrics of food farm sunshine.
electronica to match the lazerlandia

we need grunge
we need grange

we need the soul-rumblings of the punk yeoman revival.

If you sing songs or mix them or are in any way producing the cultural resonance we call MUSIC.
and you are interested to donate/barter/trade for your song’s inclusion and use on greenhorns radio show, documentary or soundtrack. Please do do do. We are very keen and have big ears now listening to all sorts of music that is already flowing into our PO box.

The tech specs are 48khz 16 bit, and can be in a AIFF/WAV file!!

mail cds to:
hidden driver
131 Essex st. #3
NY, NY 10002

And questions to