yip skids: eat well everywhere

posted August 25, 2008

a note from Severine


Melissa, my friend and budget minxy, recently asked me how to find good food on the road, as she travels across the country to drop her beloved off at grad. school. I told her about the Eat Well Everywhere program offered by Eat Well Guide

Its a far sight better than google-texting “health food” in rural  Montana, a tactic I myself had employed while hitch hiking from The Land Instituteto Bozeman with radical aggie filmaker from Montana State Cindy Stillwell.

In any case–kids, if you must drive, please eshew the toxic tyranny of convenience infrastructure. Stripmalls cannot contain the needed geometry of civitas.  But with the convenient transparency of satellites and pixel dust yellow pages– you can eat well anywhere. The clusters of lovely, the nooks of yum, and the insider’s outpourings of digestible organica await you.

The next project? Craft beers on Amtrak, farmers markets in the stations, and a special refrigerated railcar that transports produce into the big cities. Imagine a future in which you can eat an organic cucumber salad with a garlicky yogurt dressing while zipping smoothly along the steel rails watching bears eat fish from the clean clear rivers. 

Now that’s a change I can believe in.

young farmers, young presidents, lets make it happen.